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     Photo of Susan Warda - She is a Psychologist.

     Susan Warda - Psychologist



I am excited to begin my first year here with Martinez Unified School District. I am a school psychologist and will be working with children from just under 3 years of age to around 12 years of age at MEIPP and Morello Park Elementary schools. I've been a school psychologist since 2009, and prior taught at middle and elementary schools as a resource specialist. I am also a credentialed elementary school teacher. I am passionate about learning and hope to help learners enjoy and find their way to becoming life long learners.


    Photo of Cindy Andrews - She is an Occupational Therapist.

     Cindy Andrews - Occupational Therapy


I have been a member of the Martinez community for nearly 20 years with both my daughters attending Martinez schools.  As the Occupational Therapist for MUSD for the past 14 years,  I have served our students and their families throughout the district from preschool through high school.  As  part of the MEIPP team, I love working with our preschoolers and helping them to develop their motor skills with weekly visits to the preschool motor room on the MEIPP campus.